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Course Name: Workplace First Aid

NZQA Units: 6400 and 6401,6402 (or 26551, 26552)

(4 credits)

Comprehensive Workplace First Aid  (12 hours. Face to Face training to meet NZQA requirements).

Course Content:,

Scene Assessment: Calling 111, Primary survey, Secondary survey, care of unconscious patient

Resuscitation (CPR): Adult, child & infant CPR, treatment for choking adult, child & infant, Automated external defibrillator

Wounds, bleeding and shock: How to stop major bleeding, treatment for crush, amputation, embedded objects, teeth loss, trauma to ears, nose bleed.

Shock, Recognising and treatment for shock

Medical emergencies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, stroke, febrile convulsions etc

Fractures Management: fracture management, sprains, head injuries, spinal injury (log roll).

Hypothermia & hyperthermia: Frost nip & frost bite plus heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Burns: steam, water, fire, chemical, electrical, liquid etc.

Poisons: Inhaled, absorbed, injected, and ingested.

Scenarios: Demonstrate Manage First Aid in emergency situation.



Course Name: First Aid at Work          

NZQA Units: 6401, 6402 or 26551, 26552 (2 credits)

Course content:

Scene assessment and scene safety, calling 111 etc.

Medical conditions: heart attack, stroke, asthma, febrile convulsions, epilepsy, fainting, diabetes

Burns and electric shock

Resuscitation: (CPR)

CPR& choking (adult, child, infant)

Fractures, soft tissue injuries, head injuries, eye injuries

Automated external defibrillator

Wounds, bleeding and shock

Poisons and allergic reactions

The First Aid at Work course is suitable for anyone who may find themselves in a position that requires him or her to take charge of an incident that requires first aid until more experienced help arrives.

Programmes designed to meet the minimum requirements for persons to be certified as first aiders in the workplace will also need to take into account the Department of Labour guidelines and meet the New Zealand Qualifications Authority requirements.  Current Department of Labour guidelines on providing first aid training are available from

Employers should carry out  a workplace first aid needs assessment to identify any job or task specific significant hazards, e.g. Hazardous substances, Hazardous tools, Hazardous machinery, Hazardous loads, Hazardous animals, Working at height , Large industrial sites and Commercial diving. City First Aid Training can tailor a course to suit.

Course Name: Workplace First Aid Refresher

The Department of Labour requires Workplace First Aid certificate holders to attend a refresher course at the end of 2 years to renew their certificate.  This course updates the Workplace First Aid Certificate making it current for a further 2 years.


Course Name: Outdoor First Aid

This course is designed for people who are in situations where emergency care is likely to be delayed such as trampers, tree fellers, farm labourers and mountain bikers etc.


Course Name: Advanced First Aid

More advanced than the Workplace First Aid course, this course combines elements of Workplace First Aid and Pre-Hospital Emergency care.  If you successfully complete this course you will be credited with the following Unit Standards:

6400 - Manage first aid in emergency situations (Level 3, Credit 2)

6401 - Provide first aid (Level 2, Credit 1)

6402 - Provide resuscitation level 2 (Level 1, Credit 1)

14472 - Carry out shock advisory defibrillation (level 4)

14470 - Provide enhanced basic life support (level 4)


Course Name: Pre-hospital Emergency Care

If you successfully complete this course you will be credited with the following Unit Standards:

14472 Carry out shock advisory defibrillation (level 4)
25411 Demonstrate knowledge of and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) (level 2)
14473 Move a patient in preparation for transportation (level 3)
25412 Provide basic pre-hospital emergency care (level 3)
14470 Provide enhanced basic life support (level 4)
14471 Provide extended first aid (level 4)


Health and Safety

We are accredited to offer a range of Unit Standards from the domain OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY PRACTICE.  We can put together a package that meets your requirements from the following units:

Level 1

  497 Protect health and safety in the workplace

Level 2

  17593 Apply safe work practices in the workplace

  19522 Undertake job safety analysis

Level 3

  17588 Apply for, accept, and carry out work according to a work permit in the workplace

  17602 Apply hazard identification and risk assessment procedures in the workplace

  17586 Demonstrate knowledge of electrical safety in the workplace

  18408 Demonstrate knowledge of fire and emergency warden duties in the workplace

  18426 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined space

  17594 Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conservation in the workplace

  20733 Demonstrate knowledge of safe storage and handling of hazardous substances in the workplace

  17596 Demonstrate knowledge of Safety Observer responsibilities in the workplace

  17591 Demonstrate knowledge of the prevention and management of OOS in the workplace

  17585 Demonstrate knowledge of working safely in extremes of temperature

  20645 Describe the requirements of the HSNO Act 1996 relevant to approved handlers

  17600 Explain safe work practices for working at heights

  17592 Identify the causes of back injury and methods to prevent back injuries in the workplace

  17590 Issue work site specific work permits

  18409 Use a forklift mounted safety platform in the workplace